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Take a Breather, Part 1

I was originally going to title this blog “Breath”, but I really wanted to use the verb, “Breathe”. I did what every millennial does and Googled the correct use, and in doing so, the phrase “Take a Breather” came up. And that is precisely what I wanted when I started into this post. This is… Continue reading Take a Breather, Part 1


In my last blog post, I wrote about how three words can change your life. I think the same can be said for 3 minutes of music, or even 3 seconds. Last year, my word for the year was “relax”. I needed to learn how to “relax”, which really became “surrender”. I realized I was… Continue reading Music

Embrace the Chaos

Three words. In a couple weeks I have the honor of introducing Pastor Justin at my church, who is a guest speaker while my Pastors are away on a much-deserved break. So I’m starting to think about what to share. I’ve been given a little direction – presence our current Pastors, introduce Justin, and then… Continue reading Embrace the Chaos