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Earlier today I ran an HDMI cable between a Mac Laptop and a Projector at a local church. The result was impressive. The screen size doubled! This is indeed significant considering our worship band – and Pastor – need to be able to read the screen to perform their respective duties. The reason it doubled… Continue reading Carrots

Multiple Tank Syndrome (MTS)

Growing up I had a couple aquariums. One noteworthy one that was a 50gallon, and another that was 35gallon, as well as a couple goldfish (coldwater) tanks. I actually think my very first tank was a leftover plastic container that held 100 gingerbread men, that my mom emptied out and washed thoroughly before we dumped… Continue reading Multiple Tank Syndrome (MTS)

Baby Steps

Baby Steps My wife and I follow a gentlemen named Dave Ramsay in the States. He’s a finance guru, geared towards being “debt-free” with a Christian perspective. We’ve been following him since the start of 2019, when a private equity firm announced they were purchasing my wife and I’s employer. This was great news for… Continue reading Baby Steps